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Friday, July 2, 2010

naksali and their power.........

recently we have red the cases of naksali's attack.but one thing to notice what the want to show us, the common people? they want to show us that or protectors itself are not safe then how can we people be safe they are challenging the government but we r still not doing anything.what should be the reason of these attack or mass killing of the CRPF jawans are they careless ,or not trained properly,or useless ,or not getting the facilities properly ,not getting the arms.
one of our leading newspaper says that our CRPF jawans are not getting the the food properly and they are facing hunger.
what our government is doing such a big question to ask ? but the other big question is that who will ask dis question,the one who is in opposition or who is in the government ,ans is no one.because the one who is in government is completely concentrated how to to save the chair n remain in the power and the other who is in opposition is completely concentrate how any how capture the chair at any coast either it is right or wrong doesn't matter.the politicians to whom we have given the power to run the government properly the one who is ruining the country.
it is today 3-4 days but nothing has come out how and who is responsible to these attacks this is the only reasons why they the getting promotions useless politicians have buried previous attack and that comes again in this form and we lost 40-50 CRPF jawans 30-or 40 lives means nothing to any one .
but one interesting thing is here if one of the doggy or pets lost of the chief minister or prime minister then that must be founded in two or three days .
if we will not take any action this time then this will again coast many of the lives so our shameless government should take any action .

1 comment:

  1. these r all bcoz of corruption.........

    Why always CRPF jawans r targeted???? not these useless politician?????


    1. they try to protect our country or
    2. they live not for themselves but for the country or
    3. these naksali's r son-in-laws of the politician.....

    if they r not son-in-laws then why they can't take strict action against them.......

    this is the question of mine to each and every politicians

    plz don't force us to take command in our hands......