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Saturday, November 20, 2010

some time

" Wo bhi kya din the:
MUMMY ki goad, or
PAPA k kandhe,
Na padhai ki soch,
na life k funde,
Na kal kichinta,
Na future k sapne,
Ab kal ki hai fikr,
Aur adhure hain sapne,
Mud kar dekha to,
bahut dur hai apne,
Manzilo ko dhundte hum kaha kho gaye,
Kyun hum itni jaldi BADE ho gaye..."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Its you I want.....

The Loneliness robe,
Tightly wrapped around,
Walking on sand and stone,

.. alone,
Without a sound.

The music in my heart,
Is a song about you...
I am covered with goose bumps,
Like small drops of dew..

Oh look at me!
What have we come to be?

A bump in the road,
I trip and fall,
The worlds spins fast,
I am running outta time,
I open my lips,and close my eyes,
Its barely a whisper,but
Its YOUR name I call..