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Sunday, July 4, 2010

in the journey of ..........................

some times in the life we feel that we have every thing but some of the moments are enough to break the misconceptions,some time really we feel helpless when we are not able in making some one to understand what exactly i wanna say really very helpless situation but there is our fault if we are not able in making any one understand our feeling because there is limited rules of life. we only care about those persons to whom we really love and people says that your words didn't hurt me because i love u so much but they are completely wrong the people whim we love more hurts more because if we didn't love someone then we don't care about what he/she is saying.


  1. words hurt wen we one learns nt react on those hurts wen dey start loving...dey stop cumplaining dat dey r hurt jus coz it may hurt ur loved one back n coz reacting is no solution to love...with love comes compassion...
    n it turns ur thnking upside down