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Saturday, August 14, 2010


"Violence against women continues to persist as one of the most heinous, systematic and prevalent human rights abuses in the world."

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General

Women today are living in a society where there is a constant threat to their being. The enemy is not just outside but also within the so called safety of their homes in various forms. At least two cases of kidnapping and one of molestation are reported daily.12 women commit suicide every month and as many are killed for dowry. Till November, 2008, end, 140 women were murdered, 411 raped, 350 molested and over 600 kidnapped. And this is the situation of Punjab alone. Imagine the plight of women all over the world. 6 out of 10 rapes reported by victims have occurred in their own home or home of a friend, relative or neighbor. 3 million women across the UK experience rape, domestic violence, forced marriage, trafficking, or other violence each year.In the United States of America, the so called Big Brother and a front player for forming world policies, there has been a 42-percent increase in reported domestic violence and a 25-percent increase in the reported incidence of rape and sexual assault in the past two years. The National Crime Victimization Survey (U.S.A.), says that at least 248,300 individuals were raped or sexually assaulted in 2007 which is up from 190,600 in 2005.

It seems that all we hear these days is reports of rape, molestation and domestic violence. Open the newspaper and the only kind of headlines common are those related to violation of women rights. Switch on the television and you see the same scenario. The situation is worsening with each passing day. Amidst all these nightmarish incidents, there are many debates as to the role of women in these attacks. Were the women to blame (a third of people believe women who flirt are partially responsible for being raped )? Should they be held responsible? Did they invite trouble by dressing in a particular way, being at a particular place or even speaking a particular phrase(one fourth said that they thought a women was partially or totally responsible for being raped if she was wearing sexy or revealing clothing)? Amidst all this debate, my blood boils and I want to scream out loud for these ludicrous justifications to stop.

Women do not ask to be molested, or invite trouble. Pointing fingers and absolving perpetrators of sexual crimes, is not getting us anywhere. I refuse to take the blame for years of guilt and shame that I, as a woman, felt for something that I did not invite, condone or enjoy! It DISGUSTS me to see that in a nation where goddess Saraswati, goddess Lakshmi and goddess Durga are worshipped, there a human Saraswati, human Lakshmi and human Durga are abused and people are indifferent about their situation!


  1. this article is written by surabhi upadhyay,
    the motive to post the article is promote the article so that more n more people can read it and think about it.
    she really worked hard to focus on such a truth which is known by everyone but very few r there who think over it

  2. well done rahul........aur tum to jante hi ho ki meri nazar mein aise culprits ke liye ek hi saza hai......

    @surabhi: keep it up ?