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Thursday, March 25, 2010

one of the reason why india is a developing country yet

women bill,
most of the prominent leaders are opposing the women bill instead of promoting it
the reason is not that they don't want the development of India but the reason is that the are afraid of their chairs in the parliament.............
some of the leaders given the statement that if the female candidates come to the parliament there will be whistling in the parliament but t5here is no one to ask who the hell will whistle, the one who torn the clothes of the female parliament member
during the session in the parliament .
we all know that the 50% of the Indian population is female and if the will not come out then how we can develop ....the reason behind all is the cheap mentality of the higher post holders.
our one of the politician said about whistling for women if someone ask him that hiM THAT WHY HE LET HIS DAUGHTER IN LAW TO COME INTO THE POLITICS
either he whistle on her
he wants that people whistle on her
or wants some thing else with her after knowing t hat if she will come to politics then people will whistle on her .....................
we should have to change our view towards the women and not underestimate them.........

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